I would like to share with you my first experience with Google AdWords.
I divided this post in three parts. The first part regards the building of the campaign; the second part presents the analysis of the results; this section presents the conclusion of this experience.

The Tool: building the Campaign.
The tool is easy to implement and Google supplies a good written support  and video material.
A professional of the channel with  a basic introduction to marketing and statistics (like me) is able to implement the first campaign in a couple of hours. The Key Word generator is a powerful tool to help you to select  a firs set of keywords; moreover, if you don’t have already a knowledge of web sites where you would like to advertise, Google manages an initial selection for you. 

The results of the campaign.
Google offers a powerful set of Reporting tool to analyze the result of your campaign.  What I learned from my first campaign?
- If you want a successful on line marketing action you must do it in the local language. Ok, you don’t need a PHD in marketing to arrive to this conclusion. Anyway, for Countries like Belgium where there is more than one official language (and I think we can extend the analogy to Countries where there is one important language minority) you must segment your communication based on the language and it was very interesting to see quantified this concept.
- From the initial analysis it looks like the Content Networking is much more effective to generate clicks than the Research Networking but a deeper analysis made me seriously doubt about this.
I found a few web sites that, in my eyes, were faked. I think that after the study Click fraud could threaten pay-per-click model no one is surprised to find some fake web sites in the campaign; what surprise me is that there is not a quick way in AdWords to submit this fake sites to Google’s attention for further analysis.
- From this experience I have also serious doubts about the efficacy of the parked domain. There is an old and still open debates about this topic; what I appreciate in AdWords  is that it allows you to easy identify this kind of sites and to suspend them from your campaign. 

Improve the Campaign.
Based on the first analysis, I am applying the advises of Google to improve my campaign.
I used the report on the keyword to select the best performers and use them in the Key Word Generator to add some more complex keywords. I then linked specific subset of the keywords to dedicated Ads (only in French Language – I have not enough time to do it also in Dutch).
I excluded all Parked Domain web sites (this is not an advise from Google)  and use the PLACEMENT TOOL to identify web sites that I think can be interesting for my prospects and I am going to try also different landing pages.
I  leave instead to Martin, my marketing director, the pleasure to use the interesting Conversion Tracking tool.

From this experience I believe that AdWords can be a useful tool for an ICT Distributor.  How to use depends, of course, of the marketing strategy of the distributor.  Has the distributor already a solid experience in e-marketing? Then AdWords can integrate very well the tools already in use. The distributor has not experience with e-marketing? Then AdWords can be a good tool to select key words to use in the on line press releases and to identify interesting web site, forums and blogs where you can start to make experience in dealing on line with potential prospects.
Google’s is doing a big effort to bring AdWords to the attention of professional and managers outside the strict circle of web marketing business. Some qualified Google Advertising Professional are contrary to leave not expert people (like me)  to play with the tool. I think they should instead leverage the effort of Google. AdWords is at the end a tool and must be insert in a web marketing strategy to make sense and it’s just there (in the strategy) that Web marketing experts should bring value to the ICT channel. Does this make sense to you?

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